Search Engine Marketing - What It Is and How Your small Business Can Benefit From It

Surveys have revealed that the directories and the search engine listings are the most used methods for hunting out websites. Statistics results show, 80% of the online users are reliant on these methods. Around 60% of the users conduct online searches everyday and if there’s anything that’s done more than online searching, then, that is checking mails. The web has displayed an exponential growth over all these years and with billions of web pages crowding the internet, people have began to search online for even the slightest of information on trivial things. Thus, there are reasons enough why you should make search engine marketing a part of your online marketing strategy to stay in the competition.

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SEM vs. banners

Search engines have even beaten the banner ads. It has been found out that the online purchases made are some 5 to 6 times more because of the traffic generated by the search engines, than the banner ads. Moreover, search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns are relatively lower priced than the banners.

SEM vs. Email marketing

Around 66% of online marketing experts have rated SEM to be the best way of generating traffic to their sites, followed closely by email marketing as voted by 54% marketers. Search engine marketing has zoomed in as the most efficient as cost effective marketing method, benefitting especially for the small businesses with lower budgets.

Keyword search

Marketing campaigns using SEM deliver a targeted, active message to your properties on the web. Individuals can hunt out your business portal merely with active keyword searches.

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