Social media will become mainstream

In 2011, the social media platform is no more the “hot and new" stuff but it still is what we call “hot and happening!" The platform has acquired its rightful throne in the budget sheets and editorial calendars of the corporate houses and thus, whoever predicted that social media is on the way to become mainstream, has started to prove his point already. Therefore, if some people in this year are still left to network online, they will soon be seen starting by reading online magazines, news and ebooks. People will watch more videos on all kinds of electronic devices that support social media, than they are doing in the present times.

The journey from 2010 to 2011

In the last year, 2010, the buzz of social media only got louder as technological advancements took place in leaps and bounds. One can easily predict from the current trend that by the end of 2011 or the dawn of the next year, social media will no more be appended with the word “new," rather it would become synonymous with just “media."


Twitter in 2009 might have just been seen as a passing fad, but it only surprised many and shocked some, when it went past that and is still trending as the most used social media platform by the corporate houses.


While you will say Facebook with its 400 million + users makes a super hit social media networking site, it is still doesn’t have the membership of a vast majority. Thus, yes, where going mainstream is concerned, it will take up some while, but it surely is going, rather running with great speed in that very direction as more and more people are joining these sites both for professional and personal networking.

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