Search Engine Marketing Services: Trends and Predictions

There has been a consistent evolution in the scene of search engine marketing, even though at times, its pace of growth has shocked us enough to question if it will, at all, manage to stay at par with the newest developments.  Here are some of the popular trends and predictions concerning the search engine marketing services -

Cost per Click marketing

As per the analysts and the players of Search Engine Marketing, the Cost per Click model has been experiencing a surge in its usage percentage with its effect ratings shooting up positively as well, on a monthly scale. In the current year of 2011, the same is expected to continue, though, at a reduced pace. 

Cross channel optimization

It is expected that cross channel optimization will be growing in its connection to the social media marketing. Twitter, Facebook and other such popular social networking platforms used for site promotion are leading to cross channel reporting, making optimization integral. 

Yahoo-Bing traffic

After Yahoo and Bing integration, a short term market loss has been observed which could be caused by the low quality traffic of Yahoo subsidized with the Bing traffic, which is of high quality. On the other hand, since the advertisers weren’t ready to give enough importance to the Bing Campaigns, this created a big gap in the Yahoo-Bing algorithm. However, the trend is expected to shift once the Bing Campaigns start improving in quality. Plus, the market share of Bing will also experience a gain as Microsoft recently announced that it will be coalescing search results and social data.

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